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The Argonauts, brought from the afterworld

June 05, 2018

They hear the call. Even from beyond the pyre, in the afterlife, they hear the rally cry of the mightiest of them all. And they answer… Crossing the Black River again and picking up arms once more.

They are companions of old, navigators, adventurers and warriors from YonderWorld, beyond the Portal of Mhën. They are brave fathers, brothers and sons who risked and gave their lives on a long and perilous quest to find a golden fleece. They are fearless men who swore the same oath as Herk himself: to reinstitute a prince whose throne had been usurped, to defy the rule of a tyrant and the wrath of the Gods. They are Amphion, Castor, Argus, Eurytus, Jason and many others.

They are dead men.

Dead men who yearn to walk the earth again, to feel the caress of a cool wind and to hear the sweet song of bronze clashing against bronze. Where the mighty Heracles walks, they follow. Where the hero points they charge forth.

They are the Argonauts, brought from the afterworld, into a new land, for one last journey.